Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've come full circle!

Well it's been a bit since I last blogged and in the meantime I reached my goal weight, looked FABULOUS in all my clothes, got pregnant, gained LOTS of weight, had a baby, lost a bit of weight and I'm now 20 lbs overweight trying to get back into my small clothes! Whew!! So I'm trying to lose 8 lbs by the 14th of September and so far this week I've done a pretty good job watching my calories but man am I tired ALL THE TIME!! I had been snacking to compensate for the lack of sleep I get every night due to the afore mentioned baby (: but I've cut out the snacking and now the lack of sleep is evident throughout my day. Next I need to implement my exercise routine but the thought of doing anything that makes me more tired brings me to tears. Wish me luck!!

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Fobo said...

You can do it! My best suggestion is to set yourself up for success. One of the things that keeps me going is putting my COMPLETE workout clothes, including shoes and socks, where I'll step on them as soon as I get out of bed. I also clear up my workout space before I go to bed so I don't have anything to keep me from working out in the morning. Your set up will be different from mine, but do some kind of prep. It has been really helpful to me.